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TITLE: Tobacco
AUTHOR: tsu_chan55
PAIRING: Jimfried (Or, Siegfried/James ;)
SUMMARY: James ponders what makes the girls crazy for Siegfried while sitting in his favourite armchair...
WARNINGS: Perfectly innocent, I swear it!
DISCLAIMER: ...if they were mine, or the books were mine, there'd be even more obvious boylove but alas, the originals are real and belong to James Herriot... logically anyway...
NOTES: One day... one day I plan to write an epic. Until then, drabbles are all I can offer.

He had always liked the armchair. He had sat in it the first day of his interview, waiting for the short pudgy german man he had imagined Siegfried to be. He had sat in it smoking his pipe while they exchanged stories of their patients and advice on the harder ones to cure.

He had sat on it the first time Siegfried had kissed him, a flurry of sensations and tastes and smells; the tobacco smoke tasting rich and almost sensually pleasant. It was almost too strong to taste Siegfried through, but he had managed, closing his eyes and returning the sentiment.

He had known as he had sat there what made the girls crazy for Siegfried. He had known as Siegfried had kissed him what made him crazy for Siegfried.

And when the other man had pulled back with an odd but entirely Siegfried smile crossing his face, James had wondered what made Siegfried crazy for him.

By the time he was moving to refill his pipe at the mantle, Siegfried had answered his question for him, his eyes crinkling with a smile that didn’t quite touch his lips the way his usual charming smiles did.

And James smiled back and let Siegfried offer him his tobacco, knowing as he took it that he would never be able to smoke again without tasting the kisses they shared.

TITLE: Untitled as of yet..
PAIRING: Tristan/James
SUMMARY: Tristan thinks about why he stays working through the hard nights.
WARNINGS: Mentions of sleeping in the same bed?
DISCLAIMER: Again, this is not real (probably) and none of the people depicted belong to me. (or it would be.)
NOTES: ...I'll come back with a title in a bit?

Tristan hadn’t yet realized how hard becoming a vet would be when he decided to follow his brother into the career. He learned it quickly though. Even without the college tests and lesson, which he usually did well in as long as he remembered to work at it...

But on the farms – good grief, on the actual farms, where pulling all nighters had an entirely knew meaning... well, it was just more work. More work and less fun, what with Siegfried apt to yell at him for something the moment he got home or the moment they were eating breakfast together.

Then James had arrived and ruined the pattern.

The nights were still hard.

Siegfried was still annoying.

But that was all okay, because when Tristan finally got to bed, James would be there, and he’d be ready to kiss, or sleep, or listen, or even be tricked. It didn’t matter, really, what Tristan did after those long nights.

Because as long as those nights ended with James, and his quiet voice, then Tristan would happily do it for the rest of his life.

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