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TITLE: Better off
AUTHOR: tsu_chan55
PAIRING: Jimfried, Unrequited Trames (I am SO mean to poor Tristan. Aww)
SUMMARY: Anything you can do I can do better.
WARNINGS: Slashy stuff. Obviously. Maybe a bit dark >.>
DISCLAIMER: Sadly, not mine.
NOTES: Off the top of my head ;)

It had always been hard to live up to Siegfried.

Siegfried was fair and ruggedly handsome, Tristan cursed his own darker looks.

Siegfried was beloved by the girls, Tristan chased most of them.

Siegfried had his own veterinary practice set up, Tristan went off to college to study the same subject in the hopes that he could finally surpass his brother at something. Forget an acknowledgment of doing good, or succeeding in something, or even the wish for a faint show of approval from his brother, Tristan just wanted to beat Siegfried at his own game.

Prove that he wasn't the best of all worlds.

Siegfried had some outright annoying traits as well, but most of the ladies seemed oblivious to that. They saw the charmer, they knew the young man who could cure their dogs and their cats and their horses (and their father's horses too, Siegfried seemed to have a liking for farm girls) and even their bloodthirsty damned pigs.

It seemed to Tristan that nobody saw these 'eccentrics', and if they were noticed, then they were labeled just that, and the girls looked upon Siegfried Farnon with good natured affection.

He was the ladies' darling, their pet. Tristan wondered darkly if they'd ever called a vet to work on Siegfried.

But more than that, he never seemed to get down. If a case failed, or a diagnosis seemed impossible, he seemed to accept it with the calmest sense of determined acceptance and that was beyond anything Tristan could stand.

He'd thought it would change when James came, when there would be a new face around to roll eyes at Siegfried's little quirks and more annoying traits and demands.

He knew James saw them, knew that he wasn't naive or blind to the faults, and yet somehow, before Tristan even got home from college, Siegfried had managed to enchant James as well.

It really was too bad.

James seemed resigned to accept his fate, Tristan had even seen signs that made him think that James was perhaps amused by Siegfried's character at times.

That was almost hardest to bear.

James got on with everyone, really, as much as any country vet could. It wasn't a surprise to Tristan when James became a friend, nor was it entirely a shock when he started to regard Jim as more than that. But by the time that rolled around for Tristan to try and act upon it, he was too late, yet again, and James, charmed too much by Siegfried's manner, was already snared.

It wasn't fair. Siegfried had it all, he even had James, and Tristan was stuck with the dogs and battling bloody pigs with abscesses in their ears and when James smiled at him in sympathy, he almost thought he could forgive Jim for going to Siegfried instead of him.

After all, Siegfried had always been hard to live up to.
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