Roobarb (roobarbpierce) wrote in skeldale_boys,

Ummm. Hello?

OK, so I found this because I am <i>trying</i> to get a community going for all things Skeldalian and such like.

I am a huge fan of All Creatures, primarily the TV show, but subsequently the novels. I have seen every episode at least twice (she admits sheepisly) and have a rather unhealthy obsession with Robert Hardy.

The thought of slash had never even crossed my mind and I must admit I damned near swallowed my tongue when I clicked through some interest links and came across this. But, having had my eyes opened over at the MASH fandom, I feel duty bound to stick with it. Don't expect me to write my own (because obviously Siegfried is in love with ME... *ahem*) but I will try my best to comment, I can at least confirm if it's in character.

Oh and btw, feel free to trip on over to allcreatures and say hello.


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